Our Philosophy

Children are born with an innate love of learning. They are fascinated by the universe and eager to discover its secrets. At Willows Point Montessori, we make it possible for each child to learn through direct experience, in a world recognized classroom environment and through organized outside activities. Learning evolves through discovery, and we make every attempt to instil the joy of this discovery from the child’s very first experience at Willows Point Montessori.


The great mission of the child is to prepare himself/herself to become an adult. A child, in order to develop his/her physical, intellectual, and spiritual powers to the fullest, must have freedom — freedom with responsibility that is achieved through order and self-discipline. A Montessori classroom is a child-centred environment, stressing respect for the child, freedom of expression, self education using special materials, and training through use of movement and the senses.


We are dedicated to the Montessori Philosophy and method of education through the senses. We encourage our parents to be involved in our school and their child’s progress through daily communication with teachers as well as observation, documentation and reports. Our environment is one of carefully planed, structured freedom.

About Us

Willows Point Montessori provides an environment for children up to 6 years that encourages children to develop their capabilities and interests, at their own pace, and according to their individual needs and level.

We offer a program which recognizes the uniqueness of each and every child. We provide positive encouragement for the child’s continued growth.

Willows Point Montessori gives children the opportunity to learn by doing, moving from concrete to abstract concept development. We offer learning opportunities to help promote perceptual motor, psychological, social, linguistic, and intellectual growth. We encourage belonging, well-being, engagement, and expressions.


Willows Point Montessori provides a healthy and safe environment that is recognized by the Ministry of Education. We respect and appreciate all children.

We promote high academic standards. Willows Point Montessori wants children to kindle an excitement for learning.

“The School must give the child’s spirit space and opportunity for expansion…this is the starting point of education.” – Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind