Tania and Nathan

My son Nathan has been at Willows Point Montessori since he was approximately 20 months old. When I first brought Nathan for a tour he warmed up by the time we reached the Casa class. He actually let go of my hand, went to a table, looked at what the other boy was doing and fully immersed himself into the class!

The staff treat Nathan as if he was their own child. There is no issue or question that I feel I cannot discuss with them. When I had trouble with potty training or behaviour at home Miss Lauren and the teachers checked with every resource available to them to try and help me find out what the problem and resolution could be. It is very comforting to hear a tidbit or two of what he has done that day or what he does that makes them smile. We went on vacation and Nathan spoke about his teachers and friends the entire trip!

I love the fact that they show him affection because he is still a child. When he gets hurt or is having a tough time letting me go to work he is cuddled. By the time I return to pick him up he doesn’t want to leave!

I have seen an immense amount of progress in the year Nathan has been at Willows Point. He speaks in full sentences, picks up French quickly, already knows his colours, shapes, emotions, numbers and is starting to work on his phonetic alphabet and identifying letters with their corresponding sound. Nathan is always proud of showing me his artwork or things he has worked on in class.

One of the main reasons I will keep Nathan at Willows Point until grade 1 is the small teacher to student ratio and small school size. As parents we know our children will grow up but as long as I can I want Nathan to still be a child. The teaching method at Willows Point is subtly effective. The children learn gently through play. I will miss the day when Nathan graduates from Willows Point Montessori but will always have a special place in my heart for Miss Lauren, and all of the teachers and students who come through those doors. It is truly a blessing to have Nathan here.



Abbi A.

It is extremely difficult to fine the perfect daycare/preschool for your precious child. Willows Point Montessori gives off warmth not found in any other center. It helps lay a sound foundation that our child will carry with him throughout his life. I am very glad that my family is a part of the Willows Point family. The owner, teachers and staff truly care about the well being of children. After the first couple of weeks of attending, the teachers have already learned about my son’s interesting character and made him feel happy, safe, and comfortable to communicate with them. My son was very difficult to deal with and was not talking much but only after a short period he was saying so many words, sentences, singing and even performing on stage at the Christmas concert. That is the power of a great school.

If you are looking for a loving, safe, peaceful, empowering environment where your child can learn, grow, have fun and be….Willows Point Montessori is the place for your child.

It is a very nurturing environment, teachers and staff make great efforts to care about the Children’s overall well-being. They are not only there to teach the kids ABCs and 123s, they also teach them how to be confident and how to grow up to be a balanced & caring individual.

At the end of the day, what’s giving me peace of mind is the ultimate trust. I trust that my son is at the care of a very safe and nurturing environment, I trust that all the teachers are doing everything solely for the well being of the children, and I trust that the entire staff will do whatever they can to keep the quality and the integrity of the school for years to come.

I could never thank the staff adequately for everything they did and will continue to do for my son. Their love of children and stake in their future is unsurpassed by all.

My gratitude is eternal.



Caroline and Simeon

Willow's Point Montessori has given us a great preschool experience. Not only do the teachers provide a wonderfully nurturing and safe environment, but the educational curriculum is thoughtfully planned out to expose the children to an incredible range of topics and experiences. 


My daughter has attended since she was 15 months old and now is in Casa and has just turned four years old. My son has just recently began at the school but already significant gains have been made in terms of his social interactions with his peers as well as his speech. In the time my daughter has attended at Willow's Point Montessori, she has learned about art, music, the French language, yoga, geography, culture, cooking, numbers, addition, subtraction, phonics, reading, and the list goes on and on. 


 My children are learning the traits of good citizenship and my daughter willingly cleans up after herself and treats others with kindness and respect for the most part! Lol We have been so pleased with the quality of the Willow's Point Montessori experience!


The school is the closest environment to having your children at home but with many more opportunities to learn, grow and blossom as individuals.